Why should I use a professional like Rainbow Runner Fishing Charters?

In our experience, when you fish with professional guide like Captain Armelio Cabatingan, you are all but guaranteed a successful trip. Captains have the experience, know the waters and know how to catch in many conditions. Plus, they just love fishing and keeping their guests happy.

What requirements are captains of charters required to have?

Captains in the United States are required by federal law to have a United States Coast Guard (USCG) license. This also requires all licensed operators to be enrolled in a random drug testing program and have vessels regularly inspected. Other countries have similar licenses and guidelines in place as well.

Can I take my family out on a charter?

A charter with Rainbow Runner Fishing Charters is always a private experience, to be enjoyed by a single person, family or group of friends. You decide who enjoys the day with you. With Rainbow Runner Fishing Charters, we recommend the youngest age to be 12 years of age. Although life jackets are not required to be worn by adults at all times, we high recommend that youth ages 17 & younger wear their life jackets at all times.

When on a fishing charter will I need a fishing license?

If you are fishing with Rainbow Runner Fishing Charters you are not required to have a State of Hawaii fishing license.

Is there a bathroom on board the Rainbow Runner?

Rainbow Runner does have an onboard bathroom. It’s not the Ritz, but the Ritz isn’t who Rainbow Runner is anyway.

Does my fishing charter include food, beverages and bait?

Rainbow Runner Fishing Charters does not supply meals. Please bring your own food, snacks, bottled water and drinks. Alcohol is not permitted on Rainbow Runner.

What type of clothing should I wear on the fishing charter?

Depending on the location and time of year it is best to check and monitor the weather. Usually on the water, air temperatures are 3-10 degrees cooler. However, the sun will reflect off the water and be more damaging to your skin if not properly protected. Good rubber soled shoes, shorts, sunglasses, a light shirt and hat are recommended in our tropical environment. If you have any questions about required clothing, please call us before your trip. 808-357-6025.

Will Captain Armelio and his crew clean the fish I catch so I can take home?

Each state, region and country has different laws regarding catch and release or keeping catch. Most times, the captain will clean a reasonable amount of fish for you take back to your accommodations with you. Because Captain Armelio is informed and in tune with the North Shore waters and its fish populations, all final decisions regarding catching / cleaning / take-home are made by the captain. If you have any additional questions about the fish you catch, please phone us at 808-357-6025.

If I catch a large fish, will I be able to have it mounted?

We can provide more information regarding taxidermy and mounting of large fish. Please ask Captain Armelio for more information.

Can I bring my own tackle on the trip?

Yes, Captain Armelio will allow you to bring your own tackle. However, bringing your own tackle isn’t necessary, as Rainbow Runner Fishing Charters will supply everything you’ll need. As always, if you have any additional questions or special requests, it’s best to contact us before your trip. 808-357-6025.

If the weather is bad, will the Rainbow Runner still go on its chartered voyage?

Likely not. Maui’s North Shore is not Disney World. It’s a true slice of nature in every sense of the word. The seas can be rough when the winds go above 20 miles per hour. We simply are not willing to risk our passengers’ safety or pleasure if the weather conditions are not ideal. However, check with Captain Armelio regarding weather conditions and rescheduling for any given day. 808-357-6025.

I want to fish for a specific fish. Can Rainbow Runner do this?

Yes, please make sure to discuss this with Captain Armelio before your charter.